Top 6 Best Glock 43X Light Options In-depth Reviews

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The Glock is one of the most helpful self-defense weapons. But what if you want to use it at night? You can buy a pair of night sights, but it is not a bulletproof solution, so there is nothing better than a high-quality flashlight.

Moreover, if you need to enhance your accuracy with ease,  lasers will come into play! So if you want any of these two or a combination of the two, the best Glock 43X light is the perfect pick!

I have tested a few units that I think are the best weapon lights for Glock 43X based on beam performance, price, durability, and fit.

Now, let’s find out with us!

Best Glock 43X Light Options In-depth Reviews: Top 6 Picks & Buying Guide

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Glock 43X Light 

After testing a wide range of popular models on the market, I’ve picked out the best 6 to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Streamlight 69400 TLR-7

Streamlight 69400 TLR-7 - Best For Overall

Key features

There is no denying that lumen intensity plays an important role. Yet candela is the key to identifying targets at more extended distances.

This Glock 43 flashlight model can reach up to 5000 candelas and 500 lumens on a CR123A battery that is fully charged, and it is best utilized for targets in the low light for about 40 yards.

Its 500 lumens could let you light up something nearby. However, you cannot see except dimmed silhouettes for distances up to seventies yards. Under fog or ambient lights, its most efficient light may hit around from 16 to 20 yards.

The Streamlight TLR 7 light features a balanced hot spot and flood beam, effective for shorter-range gun light applications up to thirty yards. It can blind an enemy and light up the surroundings for maximum situational awareness.

This product uses one CR123A battery, which can last up to 90 mins. When installing the battery, you have to first remove a LED head before inserting it into its body.


  • Reduced overall size
  • Super lightweight
  • Brighter beam than TLR 7A
  • Best for close-range application


  • Have to buy a new light for various mount keys

The bottom line

The 69400 TLR 7 Sub works well on pistols, including Gloc, and even full-size handguns. In addition, it is the best compact and looking light to conceal carry.

2. Streamlight 69280 TLR-6

Streamlight 69280 TLR-6

Key features

This Streamlight TLR-6 light features an easy-access and a small button, allowing you to get everything running with a simple press. In addition, this ambidextrous system allows you to control the system quickly.

The model comes with many different modes, more than I expect for a small item. It has three modes, excluding not including the off mode. The first is light and laser, the next mode is light only, and the final mode is laser only.

It features a pleasant 100 lumens, bright and viable for concealed carry use. It lits across a large room as quickly as pie and can achieve up to an 89-meter range. It is designed to shine clearly.

Its Glock 43x laser is a bright red beam, is crystal clear, and can be seen up to 15 yards in daylight. So, its light should be fast and easy to see in a low-light situation.

Getting and adjusting the laser on your target will require tiny adjustments with a super minor Allen key. Plus, it is straightforward overall.

Overall, its system is fantastic. Its laser and light work together beautifully, especially when considering the overall system’s size.


  • Simple to mount
  • Lightweight
  • 100% reliable in all testing
  • Reasonably priced


  • The light won’t blind your target

The bottom line

The TLR-6 is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers to add a laser or light to their Glock 43. It features some limitations but is negligible. This model is designed such that size is the overriding priority.

3. SureFire XSC Micro-Compact Handgun Lights

SureFire XSC Micro-Compact Handgun Lights

Key features

This Glock 43 model has a robust aluminum housing, which is indestructible yet lightweight. In addition, the parabolic reflector of this mode efficiently directs the output of the light into a concentrated beam to ensure target identification in the darkest spaces.

Its bilateral switch is accessible easily, no matter which hand you use. Plus, it provides two different modes, including constant and momentary.

Its system is gasket-sealed to resist moisture and any other element. Its Waterproof IPx7 rating guarantees it will work well, even after submersion underwater for 30 minutes. Surefire offers great illuminators to law enforcement and military units, so obviously, its gear is suitable for rugged use.

The SureFire XSC is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which will exchange quickly without any tool and dismount the light of your gun.

In addition, there is a battery fuel gauge that will help you keep track of charge status. That way, you don’t worry about running dry at the wrong time.


  • Waterproof IPx7
  • Impressive battery life
  • Hard anodized aluminum
  • Best For Law Enforcement


  • Pricey

The bottom line

This model is not cheap, but it’s value for money. The Surefire XSC mounts rugged and reliable illumination onto any micro-compact and carries the gun with a bulk penalty and trivial weight.

4. Streamlight 69220 TLR-3

Streamlight 69220 TLR-3

Key features

The model light is very well built from solid materials. The fact is that its case body is built with impact-resistant nylon polymer, and its face cap is made from solid aluminum with an anodized finish.

Its lens is built with great high-temperature glass, making it impact-resistant and perfect for harsh conditions.

Its Glock 43x flashlight does not need much guidance since everything is available in the owner’s manual. Installing your light is required when attaching it to the rail clamp system.

This unit features ambidextrous momentary or steady on and off switching. It allows right or left-handed people to utilize the flashlight with ease. This model offers excellent, bright light to light your path or disorient the enemy.

Its C4 LED bulb is robust and resistant to impact. This item features a 50000-hour lifetime and delivers about 5300 candelas. In addition, the TLR-3 comes with a maximum of around 125 lumens, offering excellent illumination.

I thought this model was heavy and weighed me down when taking my target, but I was mistaken. This flashlight is very lightweight, under 2.32 ounces.


  • Simple to mount
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Good warranty
  • Compact


  • Installation takes time

The bottom line

The TLR-3 is a beautiful flashlight to attach to any subcompact and compact handgun. It provides bright light that can blind an enemy or provide light for a larger room.

5. Crimson Trace LL-803 Light

Crimson Trace LL-803 Light

Key features

Crimson Trace is a well-known brand in making various best laser sights on our planet. It is clearly demonstrated through the LL-803 for the Glock 42 and 43.

There is no denying that the L-803 is one of the robust red laser sights. It features 150 Lumen LED white light in a compact unit.

It will work best for Glock 42 and 43 platforms. This great targeting and illumination unit is activated with Crimson Trace’s famed Instinctive Activation, activating this unit with a regular firing grip.

This great flashlight delivers four modes: Light Only, Laser Only, Laser + Light, and Laser + Light Strobe.

This item comes with a Master On/Off Switch, which allows you to install it in moments, and it is adjustable for elevation and windage. Sir, its battery life can last up to two hours.

It is not a cheap flashlight. However, in the end, compared to what you get from it, this price is a great bargain.


  • Value of money
  • Compact
  • Four modes of operation
  • Reliable brand


  • Battery life could be better

The bottom line

Crimson Trace never disappoints their customers as they always strive to provide quality accessories, and the LL-803 is no exception. While it’s not the cheapest product on the list, it might make you willing to spend more for a quality product.

6. Lasermax Centerfire Light

Lasermax Centerfire Light

Key features

GripSense Technology items come with a detection zone that activates the laser or light, and this model is no exception.

The fact is that this unit is equipped with GripSense tech, allowing you to take the natural grip, and does not require a switch or make pressure to activate. In addition, you can disable GripSense activation by choosing and returning to traditional button activation.

LaserMax has ensured that the concealed or holster carry would not be limited or impeded when using their flashlight, improving the personal defense aspect the Glock 43X already has.

User controls consist of ambidextrous switching, programming for high-vis or steady pulsed beams, and elevation and wind adjustments.

Moreover, its reinforced nylon construction and a five-year warranty will be an excellent sign of the build quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Great bright
  • Affordable price
  • Compact
  • Great


  • Battery life should be better

The bottom line

This model is offered at under $150, and it’s not easy to find something superior to this model. So for the Glock 43X, there’s genuinely no better match than the LaserMax Centerfire light.

Best Glock 43X Light Buying Guides

If you want to choose the best flashlight for the Glock 43X, it is essential to consider the following factors carefully:

1. Consider the Gun, Size, and Weight

It is essential to utilize the correct size unit for your gun to get the best results. The size of your pistol will determine the size of the flashlight you will choose.

You wouldn’t want your unit to be longer than the barrel of your gun. For example, the model for the Glock 19 will not be the same as the 1911 one.

2. Beam Design

One of the factors that you need to consider carefully is whether you will choose a flood or a throw beam. The functionalities are different with every different design. It will come down to what you want to have in your gun flashlight.

3. Luminous Output

The brighter your flashlight is, the more lumens it has. It is best to pick a brightness of at least 100 lumens, but keep in mind that some units will go up to 800 lumens, making a significant difference.

4. Mode of Strobe

We all know the essential effects of strobe lights on vision. Some critical seconds should be sufficient to give you the advantage when your life is in danger.

5. The Laser’s Range

A laser with a greater long range is required when targeting an object. Hence, no matter how far away a target is, you will aim for it in the same amount of time.

You’ve got my top 6 picks for the best Glock 43X light in your hands. Now, it is time to consider everything again before making your final decision. Hopefully, you’ll find something that works for you soon.

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